The National Service for Blood Transfusion is calling for urgent blood donations. In a statement it was said that even though there is always a substantial amount of blood donations, it is not enough to create an abundant reserve of blood.

It was argued that this is happening because not everyone who wishes to donate blood is eligible due to illness. Others because of the timing of recovery that must be allowed after a surgery to be eligible to donate blood.

The National Service of Blood Transfusion is appealing to anyone healthy and able to donate blood, to do so as soon as possible. The appeal is also extended to the relatives and friends of those patients still scheduled to have surgery in the coming days.

We must remind you that a low backup of blood, will eventually lead to canceled operations.

The blood donation can be made at the Center of Blood Donation of G’Manġa, open 7 days a week from 8: 00am to 6: 00pm. The identity card is required.