WhatsApp users have been urged to update their app immediately after it was hit by one of the worst security bugs ever seen. We have reported about this just a few minutes ago!

As we reported, the flaw allows the app to be attacked by just leaving a missed call. Once hit, your smartphone is compromised without you even knowing it.

WhatsApp has rushed to roll out a security fix amid concerns that hackers could inject surveillance software on to phones via the call function.

URGENT WARNING: Whatsapp users read on…, Unravel Malta


Some phones will receive a notification message from WhatsApp, urging you to update the software to the latest available version. Not all customers will, however.

If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store and click updates. When you find Whatsapp, tap the update button next to the app. You phone should then update.

If you own an Android phone, click on Play Store, then on the menu button. Under My apps and games, tap update next to WhatsApp Messenger.