For many people,  Fortnite  is much more than just a video game, but a means by which it is possible to earn money. A lot of money.

And if the most famous streamer on the planet, Tyler Blevins (better known as Ninja), recorded revenues of over 10 million Dollars last year, there are those who, at only 14 years old, earn a salary of 200 thousand Dollars thanks to the battle royale of Epic Games.

We are talking about  Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski, 14 years old from Long Island, New York, who quickly became one of Fortnite’s most famous content creator on the scene.

fortnite player

Spikoski started his career after uploading a video on YouTube in which he defeated a well-known YouTuber called Tfue, considered one of the greatest Fortnite experts. Needless to say, that video quickly went around the world, sparking interest in the young and reaching  more than 7 million views.

Since that time, Spikoski has continued to be followed, posting videos on Fortnite and training on average 8 hours a day with the video game of Epic Games, with peaks exceeding 18 hours a day on weekends.

All with the approval of parents Chris and Kathleen Spikoski, who accepted the son’s passion by consenting to abandon the traditional school model, which “distracted” small Griffin from his main activity, in favour of an online school that allows the child to provide for his education without necessarily leaving home.

The possibility of concentrating totally on Fortnite gave the young man the chance to grow and to earn, during 2018, something like 200 thousand Dollars thanks to videos posted on YouTube and live broadcasts on his own Twitch channel.

To avoid all this money having a negative influence on the child, Griffin’s parents hired a financial advisor that manages the revenues and ensures that they are not wasted. Griffin himself has repeatedly stated that he wants to save money for the future if his success ends prematurely. The young man confides in his intention to use the money for college or to buy a house of his own once he reaches legal age, but in the meantime he enjoys the golden moment that sees him more and more one of the most famous characters on the web .