Valentine’s Day is a fake occasion… It’s an opportunity to give a boost, with the excuse of love, to our anemic consumption. So, celebrate as you like. But on one thing I invite you to reflect on this occasion: is it true that women are increasingly afraid of love? And why?

Box of Chocolates


I ask the question after I have read a series of studies with which scientifically demonstrate the new priority in the hierarchy of dreams and pleasures of women: food before love. A snack instead of a heartbeat. With one in four women investing more resources in dieting than in the relationship with the partner.

Unfortunately, women have a thousand reasons to be afraid of letting go. There is a violence, which rises and continues to rise without stopping. And for women, the mistake of choosing the wrong man can prove to be fatal, much worse than what we have read in so many pages of great universal literature.


Women are more and more wary of men. And they have more than one valid reason. They continue to be discriminated, scared, threatened. And then, here is the female reasoning, do as they and worse! 42 percent of women prefer a nice dinner to an evening in the pleasant company of a man.

Having made all the distinctions and looking for all the explanations, the fact remains that preferring a snack to the pure emotion of love or falling in love is a defeat for women. After years of struggle for power, and for equal rights, all achievements yet to be achieved, perhaps for women the time has come to regain the primacy of love. Without which they lose, as it is a regression that distances relationships (including the family), implies narcissism, extinguishes the desire to make children. And it weakens the most important antidote against the society of goods, power and money: love.