The Valyou store in Naxxar was sanitized last Monday, after it was confirmed that one of the warehouse workers had tested positive for COVID-19.

The company immediately took all measures to ensure the health of its workers and customers, under the direction of the Ministry of Health, who advised that the shop could continue to operate after these sanitation measures were taken.

This sanitization process has also been certified by a professional company in this area.

The affected worker was a storekeeper and had no contact with customers. His colleagues in the store, who had direct contact with this same storekeeper, were given mandatory quarantine.

At the same time, all the companies with which he had recent contact were advised of this case, as suggested by the local authorities. Both the store and the supermarket itself were sanitized, even though the worker had not entered the supermarket. This was done as an additional precautionary measure.

Last month, the company issued a number of measures in response to COVID-19, one of which was to start checking the temperature of workers as they arrived at work.

The affected worker did not show any symptoms or fever that are typically associated with the virus. He did not go to work last Sunday due to stomach pain, and was later identified as a positive case; and since then he has not returned to work.

The company was the first to implement a number of precautionary measures to safeguard workers and the general public. Internally the company had advised all recently traveled workers to comply with the Ministry of Health’s directives, and their temperature was and still is being taken daily. All workers wear protective clothing at all times.

In addition, the company has also implemented a number of preventive measures, including on-site safety, sanitisers at each entrance, and various signs indicating the appropriate social distance between people in the supermarket, among other measures. other. The company will continue to take every measure to ensure the safety of its employees and customers and reiterated that this is a top priority.