An accident between an “MSC” cruise ship and a touring boat took place this morning in the port of Venice. According to preliminary information, the “Opera” was docked at the San Basilio pier when it hit the boat on the stern side, also in the mooring phase. At the moment there are five wounded , four on the boat and one on the ship.

Four people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. The nationality of the bruised is still unknown. The incident between the cruise ship and the “River Countess”, a large river-type boat, occurred in the Giudecca canal, when the “lancione” had already docked at the pier. The ship first hit the dockside, damaging it, and continued with inertia leaning against the stern of the boat. Firefighters are involved in safety operations.

“The MSC ship had an engine failure, immediately reported by the commander. The engine was blocked, but pushed, because the speed increased, as confirmed by the AIS tracks”. This was explained by Davide Calderan, president of “Rimorchiatori Uniti Panfido”, the company that with two boats was driving the Opera upon arrival at sea, before the accident. The two tugs tried to stop the giant, until a towline broke, severed by the impact of the river boat.

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli: “Enough ships to the Giudecca” – “Today’s incident at the port of Venice shows that large ships must no longer pass through Giudecca. After so many years of inaction, we are finally close to a definitive solution to protect both the lagoon and tourism”.

Bonisoli: “Stop the big ships at Giudecca”- The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Alberto Bonisoli, shares the same opinion. “The incident that occurred today in Venice – he explained – is yet another confirmation that large ships no longer have to go through the Giudecca. And that is why the Mibac, a few months ago, placed the constraint on three canals of Venice, and is working hard at the inter-ministerial table for blocking large ships in the lagoon, together with MIT and the Ministry of the Environment. citizens and tourists “.

Mayor Brugnaro: “Now stop the ships in front of San Marco”- On the same line the mayor of Venice. Luigi Brugnaro. “It is the umpteenth demonstration that it is no longer conceivable that large ships should pass through the Giudecca canal – explained the mayor -. We have been saying this for 8 years, and we immediately demand the opening of the Vittorio Emanuele (the canal alternative for the arrival in maritime, ed. I heard the minister Toninelli, is updated on the situation and is looking for solutions that we will now wait. Now we urgently have to make sure that the ships do not pass more in front of San Marco “.