Practice acrobatic yoga on the balcony, something goes wrong and she falls into the void. A 25-meter flight that could cost dearly to Alexa Terrazas, a 23-year-old student and Mexican influencer. Her passion in her spare time risked turning into tragedy but it cost her dearly: 110 fractured bones and a very long hospital stay.

The beautiful Alexa, who has many followers on the web, had made acroyoga her reason for living. A way to keep fit and also train the brain. Except that, compared to the original practice, he did not do it in the gym or in the living room at home. Rather that day he had chosen the railing of his balcony as a base without calculating the risks.

The various photos posted by the girls on social media before that flight show that it was not even the first time. However, it also proved to be the fatal one, because it lost its balance and fell into the void by making a 25-meter flight. If Alexa is still alive it is due to luck or a miracle, for those who believe. Transported in red code to the hospital, she underwent an operation that lasted almost 11 hours after reporting the fracture of 110 bones.

Doctors were forced to rebuild several joints, starting with the knees and ankles. A very long hospital stay that allowed her to return to eating after two months. But doctors said it will take at least 2-3 years to figure out if he will be able to walk properly again.

The terrible flight of Alexa Terrazas does not however cancel the benefits of acroyoga, a discipline that is usually practised in pairs. It is used in praica to combat stress, depression, weakness, but also insomnia and panic attacks. It also reduces back pain, neck pain and scoliosis but also has beneficial effects
on the elasticity of muscles and tendons.

Compared to what practised the influencer flown in a vacuum, the real acroyoga basically has three standard figures . They are base, flyer and spotter. In particular, in the base there is a person who remains in contact with the ground, with his torso fully adhering to the ground. Thus it allows maximum stability and support to the flyer, which leaning on the legs and arms of those at the base can ‘fly’ in the air.

The spotter, on the other hand, is an external figure who gives a hand to support position and coordination. But above all he must prevent the other two from getting hurt. In this case, however, for Alexa it was not there.