A Western Australian man cooked a whole pork roast leaving it inside a car parked in the sun for about 10 hours on a very hot day. Although he conducted the experiment for fun, the man publicised the results to raise awareness of the risks of the heat.

A few months ago (during the Australian summer) Stu Pengelly, of Perth, in Western Australia, wanted to see what would have happened by leaving a 1.5 kg roast pork in the front seat of his old Datsun for ten hours in a hot summer day. He put the meat in the car around 7 in the morning, when the thermometer inside the car showed 30 degrees. At noon, the temperature inside the car was 81 degrees Celsius. After ten hours, the man took the pork, sliced ​​it and even took a few bites to prove it was cooked.

“ Yesterday I cooked 1.5 kg of roast pork leaving it inside an old Datsun Sunny for 10 hours on a day of 39 degrees. It worked wonderfully! ”The man wrote on Facebook, adding that he had plans to try later with a roast beef, if the extreme heat had continued.

” Things to note … [the car] has tinted windows, the door and window seals are ruined and there is a large rust hole on the roof, which prevents the car from getting as hot as it could potentially, ” added L Australian man.

In the photos posted on Facebook you can clearly see that the meat is cooked and the man also took a few bites, claiming that all he still needed was a little salt and pepper.