The Coronavirus continues to post impressive numbers in many parts of the world. Europe and North America remain the most affected areas , with data that are still far from a sharp and significant drop. The USA, after an initial period of apparent tranquillity, has experienced an exponential increase in recent weeks, which has made it the country with the most cases in the world.

Just from New York, comes a story of a positive woman who however has a happy ending. Her name is Yanira Soriano, she is 36 years old and has given birth to the fourth of her children, little Walter. Urgently taken to hospital and immediately intubated, the woman was seriously dying. In the eighth month of pregnancy, the doctors decided to proceed with an emergency Caesarean section. Now, the woman recovered and was able to hug her son.
Image: Websource

Despite the terrible numbers, beautiful stories are also born from the Coronavirus. One example is that of Yanira Soriano, a 36-year-old woman who gave birth to baby Walter while she was intubated and struggled between life and death in a hospital bed. Once out of the coma, the woman was finally able to hug little Walter, who shows no symptoms and tested negative for Covid-19.

The reaction of the web was immediate and, after learning about the story and seeing the video of the embrace between the mother and the son, he made the story go around the world. Yanira returned home, where her husband (who had some slight symptoms) and her other 3 children were waiting for her, who were able to welcome their little brother Walter.