An incredibly easy cooking recipe to make brownies with a trio of ingredients has been shared by a baking expert online.

“Another super easy bake at home recipe using items you probably already have in your cupboard,” one of the team’s bakers, Frieda, says.

Frieda reveals all that is needed are eggs, chocolate spread and plain flour.

In the video, the expert puts 210g of plain flour into a mixing bowl followed by 400g of slightly warmed chocolate spread.

Finally, she explains you need to crack three eggs into the bowl and mix everything together.

To make the treat that bit more special, Frieda suggests adding in some chocolate chips or orange flavouring.

Now time for the baking. Frieda pours the mixture into a baking tray that has been lightly greased.

The tray is then popped in the oven for between 25-35 mins at 175C.

After pulling the cakes out, the brownies appear perfectly formed and to finish it off all that is needed is to cut them into squares and get ready to devour.

Source: DailyStar