It’s incredibly frustrating when you go to put on your favourite jacket or do up your bag and the zip just comes right off in your hand. Trying to put it back on can be even more frustrating.But it turns out there’s a very simple way to fix the problem, for a little while at least – and we have Ryan Reynolds to thank for bringing it to our attention.

Yes, the Deadpool star has shared a video of the life hack on Twitter with his 15 million followers. In a tweet, sharing the clip from @engineeringvids, he said: “I’ve waited my whole life for this.”

The 14 second video shows that you only need one thing to put a zipper back on an item of clothing – a fork.

In the clip, a person can be seen placing the zipper slider, which has come off a coat, onto the two middle prongs of a fork. They then take their garment, getting hold of the bottom end of the teeth and lining them up with the slider on the fork.

The person puts the teeth into either side of the slider and pulls them all the way through it. As they do this, the zip comes together as it should and they are then able to pull the slider and do the jacket up.

While the trick does appear very useful, many people in the comments were quick to point out that it’s only a temporary fix – as there’s nothing on the bottom of the zipper to stop it coming off again.

(Image: @engineeringvids/Twitter)

Despite this downside, more than 13 million people have watched the video so far, with over one million liking Reynolds’ post and 229,000 retweeting it. Many people thanked the star for sharing the trick.

One person replied: “I’ve found this more useful than most of the s**t that’s comes from most celebs. Let Gwyneth keep her vaginal face cream, Joaquin can keep his impossible whoppers or whatever he was advocating the other night. Mr Reynolds is the voice of a generation.”

Others were stunned by how simple it was, saying: “Man I can’t f***ing believe this.”

“Mind blown,” added someone else.

A different user wrote: “Hold on just hold on that actually works???”

“You have to take the fork with you all the time if you want to take off your jacket….So let me say this: may the fork be with you,” joked a fifth.

Source: MirrorUK