A group of boys, a bit haggard. A fountain in the centre, in the Prati district, in Rome. They are the ingredients of yet another mess, which sees young people as protagonists last night.

The scene was taken by a resident, while others, facing the windows, shouted to the party: “Go to your house”. Comprehensible protests, at 5am. But the boys don’t care: four of them scream, while a fifth throws himself naked in the fountain of the Caryatids, in Piazza dei Quiriti.

“Nude, naked, naked”, they incite him. A scene that is not new, because it often happens that guys meet up there, perhaps after a night of clubbing parties. While the young man swims in the fountain, the others take him back with his cell phone, as if to encourage him. Some other residents protest and then the challenge arrives: “Call the guards”. A few cars pass, but he doesn’t notice what’s happening. After a few minutes, perhaps because they are aware of the risks they are running, the boys leave on two cars.