In a country as full of cars as it has never been before, if has become ever so difficult to cross the road. Where I live, we have a zebra crossing which magically seems to disappear when you need to cross the road! Nobody seems to be  bothered to even slow down let alone stop for pedestrians to cross the road! Yet, I must admit, it ain’t as hard as in Vietnam!

What could be simpler than crossing the street? Just wait for some car to stop to let you pass, or even better to use a pedestrian traffic light. But in Vietnam, things are much less trivial.

In Vietnam, in fact, the cars do not stop when a pedestrian crosses the road, but simply avoid it. Which makes the whole experience anything but relaxing, also considering the traffic density on the roads that is present in the major cities of the country

Tourist guides explain: “You want to go across the street, but it doesn’t seem feasible. Unless you try. Crossing traffic really isn’t that bad. You simply have to do it. The magic is that no one will ever come upon you.

To make the “magic” possible, the fact that most of the traffic is made up of scooters and small cars, which therefore manage to get around pedestrians quite easily.

The recommendation for tourists is to walk slowly to avoid traffic, but also not to stop, as motorists expect pedestrians to go ahead and carry out the manoeuvres accordingly.