Pumpkii acts as an assistant and brightens the day of the feline by offering him food and allowing the owner to monitor him remotely. And with the mechanical arm it cleans. 

Loneliness often means boredom for cats left in the house by their owners, because the lack of human presence and lack of games and attractions turns into static and long sleeps. Here, then, that companies have begun to propose robots capable of stimulating, entertaining and rewarding the animal. Between babysitters and systems to fight obesity , Pumpkii is a remedy that combines benefits for cats and owners. Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (abs) in modular format, the robot looks like a child’s play but relies on a high definition IP camera with a 110 degree wide angle lens which allows you to monitor via app what the feline does during the hours when you are away from home, but also to listen to any meows and draw its attention thanks to integrated microphone and speakers.

Capable of withstanding pressures up to 13 kilos, equipped with a 2600 mAh battery for 8 hours of autonomy and the ability to return to the charging dock automatically when the charge is below 40%, the robot includes a treats dispenser and a bucket for insert up to one hundred tidbits , to be unlocked when you want (or by programming the interval) to reward the cat. And since a feline in the house is also synonymous with dirt, there is also a mechanical arm for cleaning the house . Those who want to secure an assistant for their pet can book Pumpkii here for the price of 125 euros and wait for October to receive it at home.