There are just over three months left until the arrival of MSC Grandiosa, the first ship in the Meraviglia-Plus class, which will be baptised in Hamburg, Germany, on November 9th. Michelle Hunziker will lead the ceremony, as was the case for the launch of MSC Seaview in Genoa in June 2018

The ships of the Meraviglia generation have been designed to meet the needs of all the guests who choose to travel on a cruise. MSC Grandiosa will in fact become the new flagship of the fleet headed by the owner of Sorrento origins Gianluigi Aponte, offering the richest range of facilities and services available to date. With 11 dining options, 21 bars and lounges, high-level entertainment, an authentic Mediterranean-style “promenade” in the heart of the ship, and much more MSC Grandiosa is a ship that manages to satisfy the needs and preferences of each guest.

An environmentally friendly ship                                                    

In line with the environmental program undertaken by MSC Cruises, based on a deep commitment to ecological principles, MSC Grandiosafurther widens the boundaries of the environmental performance of cruise ships, thanks to some of the most recent systems aimed at reducing the environmental impact and safeguarding the marine ecosystem. The ship operates with a significant increase in energy efficiency and is equipped with recycling plants and state-of-the-art waste management systems, as well as advanced technologies for cleaner ship emissions.

Technology within reach with For Me and Zoe

After its debut at the beginning of the year on Msc Bellissima, Zoe, developed in partnership with Harman International and Samsung Electronics, is the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) of MSC Cruises, which will be available in every Grandiosa cabin as part of the MSC digital program for Me. Designed to speak in seven different languages, ZOE can answer hundreds of questions about on-board services and provide useful information to guests.

The innovations introduced this year include not only the on-board experience, but also the pre-cruise phase, so that guests can better plan everything they want to experience and experience before they even set foot on board. These services include the ability to book packages through the MSC for Me app and add them to your personal agenda. Meanwhile, new services on board, such as the Friends & Family Locator and MSC for Me Chat, help guests stay in touch with the people they travel with. All these innovations have been designed to save guests precious time and to spend more time enjoying their holiday.

MSC Grandiosa will also be the third ship of the company that will host the Cirque du Soleil at Sea on board, with two brand new shows designed exclusively for spectacle hosts aboard MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima thanks to the well-established partnership with Cirque du Soleil. More details on the new shows designed for MSC Grandiosa will be revealed during the year.