Its artificial intelligence, once it recognises the discomfort during sleep via the app, adjusts the shape to give comfort to the neck and block the snorer.

Snoring is one of the main arguments for couples and any potential remedy is therefore well received by those who have to put up with their partner’s noises. To offer a solution, we try Zerema , a smart pillow that uses the action of artificial intelligence to reduce the effect while monitoring the quality of sleep to discover any other disturbances that occur during rest. The first product of the Korean startup Maetel , born in 2016 by some former Samsung developers, the pillow is made of open cell memory foam , which compared to the closed cell standard guarantees the bag a prolonged freshness, and integrates a technology capable of recognising the position of the person who sleeps to adjust the height of the pillow accordingly and ensure comfort in the neck .

Combined with the app, when Zerema records who snores and intervenes by adjusting the air cushions, so as to gradually open the airways and improve sleep. Particularly useful for those resting on the side and back, since with the tailored height the weight of the head is evenly distributed to reduce neck discomfort, the pillow can be purchased here for 170 euros , with delivery scheduled for next October.