You just have to love the Maltese… or not!? Yesterday was one of those funny days in Maltese history, when hundreds decided it was best to flock every supermarket and buys tons of food and toilet paper! 

Felt like an apocalypse was upon us! Trolleys full to the brim with food items, especially pasta. But why? We do realise that the same items bought came from countries where now there is at least 1 Coronavirus victim, right? Especially those who flocked LIDL outlets! You do realise that most workers there are Italian, or not? What are you going to do now?!

It is fine to think a little bit bigger than usual and buy an extra packet of whatever you like most, but to empty a supermarket was just ridiculous! Why panic and leave nothing to others? Does one really need a trolley full of nappies? I mean, babies grow constantly! How many nappies of the same size are you going to need at one go?

Image: T.O.M

Not to forget, that all food items have a best before date, did they even check it? Are they going to manage to eat all that stuff before it goes bad? Yes you can always put everything in the freezer, but how  much does yours hold?!

Anyhow, we will never say they did not do the right thing because to them it was. They had the best of the families in mind… but let’s not exaggerate and show humanity instead of only being human!