In Vienna, a 45-year-old woman and her 18-year-old twins died of hunger. The chilling outcome of the autopsy was reported by an Austrian police spokesman. The bodies were found last Tuesday in their apartment building in the Floridsdorf district.

Death dates back to the end of March and beginning of April. “The toxicological examination revealed no evidence of poisoning,” the investigators stated, who immediately ruled out the possibility of murder.

The family, of foreign origin and with a history of migration even though it was not announced from which country, was known by social services. The girls – says a responsible – were “timid and calm” with “learning difficulties”, but judged not in need of help.

From autumn 2016, with the end of compulsory schooling, they no longer attended school. The social services would have offered assistance to the family that never resorted to it.

The mother would have expressed economic concerns but had no longer turned to social services.