Unfortunately we all know that this tends to happen, for various reasons… surgeries get postponed, sometimes because of emergencies or other reasons. Most probably each one of you knows someone who has had an operation postponed, once or multiple times. And so we all know the frustration it brings about…

Graham Smith, an English engineer from Lancashire, couldn’t bear to see the operation he had to undergo continually postponed, and he decided to do it himself.

Graham Smith
Graham Smith

15 years ago, Smith underwent an intestinal surgery operation, but as much as the surgery solved his problems, this was not perfect. In 2011 he returned to the hospital, because he was beginning to have trouble, but he was put on a waiting list and twice, when it was his turn, the operation was cancelled.

Increasingly worried about a possible septicemia, which could have been fatal, Smith decided to do the surgery himself, using titanium tools made by modifying some tools he had obtained from a dentist friend.

tools used
The tools Graham Smith used

I tried to do everything to the norm, but I had a principle of septicemia. I didn’t make the decision lightly: I was desperate, but I had to take control of the situation and I wasn’t willing to die on the waiting list,” Smith told reporters¬†who asked him about his decision.

Fortunately, the operation was a success, and Smith says he feels like a new man today, after the outcome of the initial operation had for a long time forced him to remain stooped and bent to one side.

But Smith does not want to be taken as an example: “I am an engineer, and I know how to do things that others do not know how to do, but I am not a surgeon, so this is not something to try at home”.¬†A spokesman for the order of English surgeons reminds how dangerous it can be to try to operate oneself. In addition to the risk of doing the operation poorly, creating potentially serious injuries, there is also the risk of infections, which could also be fatal.

The hospital in Liverpool where Smith was on the waiting list reported that they will follow the man in the post-operative period, to ensure that there are no complications.