Fecal bacteria (of the Escherichia Coli type) were found in the herbal tea L’Angelica “Ventre Piatto”, produced by the herbalist institute.

Some lots have been withdrawn from the market by the same parent company: the Coswell Group has voluntarily recalled the packages of the lots marked with the number: 910001001, 910101001, 910201001, 910501001. 
Faecal bacteria in the herbal tea, some lots of L'Angelica withdrawnAs a precautionary measure, the manufacturer of the herbal tea in a note recommended not to consume the product if the lot number coincides with those indicated and to return it to the point of purchase “because the presence of Escherichia Coli has been detected”. Who will report the packaging will, of course, be reimbursed.

The alarm was raised by the supermarket chain from Campania, Dodecà, which published the recall on its website.