Possible presence of plastic fragments: for this reason, Aia recalls two lots of products, spinach and turkey cutlets. The notice to consumers was given by the company and the Italian Ministry of Health.

WARNING: Plastic risk in Aia Spinacine, Unravel Malta

The recall was decided by Aia following the self-control procedures and concerns exclusively the following products: ‘Spinacine Aia’ of 220 grams and 440 grams (lot 07258020) expiring 8 June 2019; ‘Bigger Xxl Aia’ from 280 grams (lot 07258011) expiring June 8th 2019.

The company invites consumers who have already purchased a product belonging to the two lots interested in returning the packages to the points of sale where they have made the purchase: the same sales points will proceed with the replacement or refund, according to Aia.