Let’s get ready for a flu that will be particularly insidious this year. Even if we expect fewer infections compared to last year, it is very likely that the viruses will be much more difficult in terms of complications.”

The alert comes from Maria Triassi of the Public Health Department of the Federico II University of Naples who explains: “The greatest risks will be linked to the new variants of viruses A, H3N2 and H1N1, but there will be no lack of viruses B / Colorado and B / Phuket: a mix that will knock out about millions of Europeans, but at least another 8 million will have to deal with those who call themselves flu-like viruses“.

Hence the invitation to seriously consider the forthcoming vaccination campaign, also because in Malta, the arrival of the flu peak risks putting the public hospital system under stress. “Getting vaccinated is not only a good rule of prevention – the expert recalls – but it is also a duty towards the community“. Triassi reminds that the flu, too often underestimated, actually constitutes a serious public health problem and a significant source of direct and indirect costs for the management of cases and complications of the disease and the implementation of control measures.

The expert reminds that the good tips of all time remain valid, namely: “wash and dry your hands regularly, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, with disposable tissues to be disposed of correctly. Try to avoid being in contact with those who have symptoms flu and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth“.