New vending machines have been popping up around around. What are they? We present to you – Pharmabox24!

So basically it’s a pharmacy that’s always open! It is a real automated retail shop accessible 24/7, perfect for when one forgets to buy baby’s diapers and milk! Or etter off, maybe it’s Sunday and after a whole day sunbathing, you need an aftersun lotion to calm the burning sensation down!

Image: Ishmael Dalli via The Salott (RUBS) / Facebook

The unit caters for everyone. It has a voice guide system, a big colour monitor, a multi-colour keyboard and advanced software, guaranteeing ease of purchase.


The elevator performs a safe delivery of the selected product to the client, protecting fragile or delicate products from damages.

The conditioning unit and the insulated structure guarantee the proper manteinance of the products inside Pharmabox24.

Image: Malta Dizastru Totali / Facebook


It is very simple. You just have to type on the keyboard the code of  the product. Then insert the money (coins and/or banknotes) or the credit card and just after few seconds the product can be picked up. In the meantime the graphic colour monitor displays all the information regarding the purchase and at the same time the voice guide system comments the phases.

Currently, these pharmaboxes can be found outside the Mqabba central pharmacy, in Attard near Misraħ Kola pharmacy, and in Xewkija (Gozo), too. Did you spot them somewhere else?