Two lifeless bodies were extracted from the rubble of the building that collapsed this morning in Gorizia. The bodies were of the couple who lived upstairs. Firefighters confirm this. However, the disabled person who lives downstairs has not yet been found, Ansa reports.

The collapse happened due to an explosion which took place at 4.20 this morning. The cause could have been a gas leak . The attic was in the mezzanine floor of the building in Viale XX Settembre.

On the spot, eight fire brigade teams arrived immediately, and rescuers reported that there was a strong smell of gas in the area. Technicians were on the spot to try and stop the leak. According to a first reconstruction, the explosion would have been very strong, felt even from afar. Many would have mistaken it for an earthquake.

The commander of the fire brigade, Alessandro Granata, reports that checks are being carried out on the adjacent buildings to verify the structural stability. The strength of the explosion, indicates that the amount of gas accumulated must have been considerable. According to some witnesses, just on the adjacent road, an operation would have been carried out that would have involved gas pipes.