Policemen surrounded by a group of boys are forced to take out the ordinance gun. It happened at Tor Bella Monaca, a district of Rome, that is often at the center of the news on drug facts.

They were dramatic moments. The agents stopped a car for a check and asked the two people on board to get out of the vehicle. At this point, however, the policemen were surrounded and insulted by dozens of people living in the popular neighbourhood. Some young people seem to move in a threatening way towards the staff of Volanti.

The agents, to bring the situation back to calm and to complete the intervention, had to take out the gun for a brief moment. The two Romanians, one of whom is a minor were eventually arrested for resistance and injury to a public official. Residents who gathered around the two cars tried, without success, to prevent arrest.

Then the searches took place, and Condor, the anti-drug dog of the canine patrol, played a key role, attracted by a van parked near the house, before getting into the house. Inside, 650 grams of marijuana and a revolver brand Smith & Wesson caliber 38 special, which had been stolen.