For anyone who has ever travelled, it is very likely for you to have experienced a delay. However, it’s not often you can see the culprit of the commotion sauntering in front of a moving plane. That’s what happened at the Palma de Mallorca Airport in Spain, when a flamingo led an EasyJet plane to its bay in no particular hurry.


A video was shared by the Spanish air traffic controllers, who in a translation said the bird was “very elegant, walking on the platform.”

The plane had just landed, and the pilots had to be alerted of the flamingo’s presence. The flamingo itself seems very calm in the video, and in no rush to fly off, even with the impatient beeps of the plane’s horn. Birds have been known to delay flights for hours if they strike an aircraft, so airport staff have many procedures to keep them out of the way. Palma de Mallorca Airport staff weren’t expecting to see a flamingo on the tarmac, though, as the birds have usually left the Spanish island by April.