Smartphones and hoverboards are apparently not the only categories of devices subject to malfunctions that can lead to spontaneous fires. The last episode reported comes from the United States and concerns an intelligent speaker, the Echo Dotmodel of the giant Amazon.

An Ohio family has reported this incident to the television broadcaster Fox 8. From the story it seems that the unit caught fire inside the house at a time when it was unattended. Husband and wife noticed the fire in time to tame the flames and limit the damage to a minimum, but the story remains worrisome.

From the testimony collected by Fox 8, it seems that the power supply was not overheated and that it was not damaged, as the power cable was not damaged – a sign that the malfunction could only occur inside the unit itself. Amazon, for its part, withdrew the semi-carbonised smart speaker to have it analysed by its technicians, which is why it is too early to know what could have led to the beginning of the fire.

The point is that Amazon Echo Dot does not have lithium-ion batteries inside, which in the cases of smartphones and hoverboards have proved to be the culprits of almost all the malfunctions reported over the years. Although the puzzle announces a difficult solution, for the company it remains important to understand if the case reported in these days is isolated, if it depends on a design flaw or if is related or not to the gadget. 

Smart speakers are products designed to remain constantly on and powered, even when they are not supervised: finding a way to prevent a possible second incident will be crucial.