The Japanese company Thanko recently launched a portable battery-powered device that allows you to wash dishes without getting your hands dirty.

Many don’t like washing dishes, but not everyone chooses to use a dishwasher. For those who want an intermediate solution, “Kurasa Wash” was born, a decidedly unusual device that does all the work of cleaning dishes.

Just grab a dirty dish or bowl, grab it with the two crab-shaped arms of the device and then press a button. Kurasa Wash will add the detergent and start to turn the dish while rubbing it with brushes and sponges. All you need to do is keep the dish under running water for rinsing and you’re done.

Compared to a normal dishwasher, Kurasa Wash has the advantage of being extremely compact and weighs only 650 grams. Thanko explained that Kurasa Wash is aimed at people who find it difficult to wash dishes but cannot afford or simply have no space in their kitchen for a common dishwasher.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, it can be held for long periods without causing joint pain, and according to the manufacturers it can wash dishes continuously for up to an hour, with a charged battery, while recharging takes about 2 hours.

Kurasa Wash works with plates up to 220 mm in diameter and a depth of up to 60 mm, so it is suitable for both large and deep plates. It can also be used to clean cutlery by simply inserting them through the various brushes and sponges of the device.

The curious portable dishwasher was launched at a price of 8,800 yen (around 70 Euro).
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Image: Thanko