In Mexico, in the Sumidero Canyon (in Chiapas) there is a waterfall that is very unique in the world: its name is Arbol de Navidad, precisely because its shape is remarkably reminiscent of a Christmas tree.

The canyon is rich in waterfalls, most of them very small, but “the Christmas tree” certainly does not go unnoticed with its tens of meters high: note how small the boats appear in the photos, compared to the Arbol de Navidad.

The rock formation was created over thousands of years, due to the hydro-geological cycle and the chemical-physical characteristics of the rock. Unfortunately, it seems that this incredible natural attraction is now at risk: the changes to the composition of the water caused by pollution would be weakening the structure, moreover due to the withdrawal of water by man in many periods the flow of water of the waterfall would be reduced when not even interrupted, contributing to a further weakening of the Christmas Tree.