Watch: Agent dressed as Batman stops shoplifter

A man who tried to steal some DVDs from Walmart in Texas saw his attempt to end in a way he definitely did not expect: he was arrested by Batman .

Damon Cole, a police officer in Fort Worth, shared photos of the arrest of the suspect, carried out while he was dressed in Batman costume, for an event dedicated to child safety that was held near the shop.

“I was from Walmart as Batman for children’s day. This man tried to steal 4 DVDs,” wrote Cole. “I stopped him as Batman, and asked me a selfie”, says the agent, confirming that the shoplifter was not thinking of having to deal with a representative of the police.

batman-car-comic-bookThe total cost of the DVDs was less than $100, so the man got away with a simple fine, but was made fun of by Cole for trying to steal also the movie LEGO Batman: “You can not steal my movie. Come on!”, said the agent.

Cole dresses up as different superheroes, including Superman and Hulk for events dedicated to children. “I dress like famous heroes in my free time and meet children with cancer and other diseases,” he explained. “I do it to give them inspiration and hope, to keep fighting”.