A new tremor hits Angela Merkel. For the third time in a little over three weeks, even this time in an official ceremony in front of cameras around the world, the German chancellor is seized by an irrepressible thrill. A weaker tremor than the other two episodes, but that still continues to fuel suspicions about the health conditions of what is considered the most influential woman in the world. Because, says Bild, “Angela Merkel’s health is now a political fact”.


This time, however, the chancellor reassures the press personally. “I’m fine,” she tells reporters, even though she admits that she must “live with it for a while”. In the courtyard of the Chancellery, where Merkel welcomes the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, as in a dèjà-vu, there is a scene that is substantially the same as that of three weeks ago. As the military band plays the national anthems, the chancellor begins to tremble. This time, however, less intensely than when she was with the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj. The first chancellor joins hands, then places them along the seam of the trousers, hoping probably (in truth, with few results) to minimise the trembling. From the images we see her murmuring something: it is not clear if she is saying the text of the German anthem or if she says something

Surely, however, we understand that she is trying to control herself. Only nine days after the first episode, which the chancellor attributed to a crisis of dehydration caused by the heat wave that gripped Berlin in those days, Merkel trembled again. This time, indoors, in Bellevue Castle, the oath of new Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht. Even in that case it was mystery, and everyone continued to blame the heat, even if the fact happened in a place with air conditioning in a Berlin that in those days was recording tropical temperatures. That the heat has little to do in fact was proven.

At the government press conference the spokeswoman on duty, subjected for a good quarter of an hour to the barrage of questions from reporters asking whether Merkel was in the past or is currently undergoing medical treatment, replied impassively: “The Chancellor is well and has completed the meeting with the Finnish Prime Minister as planned”. Shortly after, however, Mrs Merkel herself explained: “I’m fine, there’s no need to worry,” she said with a smile on her face during a press conference. “I am in a phase of treating the phenomenon, clearly it is not yet completely finished but there has been progress. I have to live with it for a while, but I’m fine and there’s no need to worry. I believe that the tremor, as it came, will one day pass. But this moment has not yet come”.