The same drama lived, a love born after pain. The story of Floriane Bernaudat and Johannes Baus has a name: Bataclan.

They both survived the theater attack on November 13th, 2015 in the heart of Paris where 90 people were killed. Among these were Renaud Le Guen and Maud. The first was Floriane’s companion, the second was Johannes’s wife. Their better half died that night during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. And on that occasion they met, then fell in love. In 2017 they married and a daughter, Bérénice, was born from their love.

bataclan weddingThe title is “Crescere”. The video on Youtube shows them together before they were divided by the atrocities and violence of the attack on the heart of France.

Before that November 13th, Floriane was certain that she would marry Renaud, whom she had known for over ten years. He wanted to go to the concert and they went together. She survived but her Renaud was killed. Johannes had married a few months earlier his Maud.

Today theirs is a new life. Renaud and Maud will always be part of them, but in a different way. The pain experienced united them in a new love. “It is also a way to continue living for Maud and Renaud. We did what we wanted to do with them”, Floriane’s words.