Microsoft founder Bill Gates is, for better or for worse, the one who changed the world. Without the Microsoft DOS operating system, first, and Microsoft Windows in its innumerable versions, after; our society would not be as we know it today. And above all, our economy would not be. But even someone like Bill Gates has made mistakes in life and is well aware of them. Of one, in particular: to have left Google dominated in the smartphone industry.

Recently, at an event organised by Village Global, Gates was the protagonist of a chat with Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz. During the meeting Bill Gates, admitted that at one point Microsoft had the possibility of creating the leading operating system for smartphones, but he did not. And that this was a glaring mistake. As we all know, in fact, creating this mobile OS was Google with its Android and history took another turn. But not only that: Gates also admitted that in the early years of Microsoft he worked tirelessly, without ever taking a free weekend and even less a holiday. But then, Gates himself admits, he changed his mind.

A statement that perfectly describes who Bill Gates is and how he became one of the most influential men in the world is the holiday one. Bill Gates has long since given up the helm of Microsoft and enjoys many days off each year, but it used to be like this: “I didn’t believe in weekends. I didn’t believe in holidays. […] “.