Can you eat a 13 kg burrito? Because if you can, you can win part of the restaurant! Yes, might sounds crazy but it’s true…

Food challenges have become popular, and there are many restaurants and pubs that offer a dish of exaggerated size, offering prizes to those who are able to finish them. A Mexican restaurant in New York, the Dom Chingon, has added a new element to the challenge. Those who manage to finish the burrito dish they propose will become a member of the restaurant, receiving 10% of the property as a reward, and the opportunity to eat for free for life!

The 30 pound burrito at Don Chingon’s in Brooklyn, New York.
The 30 pound burrito at Don Chingon’s in Brooklyn, New York. Image: Katie Little | CNBC

It must be said that the burrito in question is highly challenging, given that it is a 13kg “beast”, made from a tortilla almost one meter in diameter, filled with chicken, meat, chorizo, cheese, beans and various sauces. In addition, the dish must be finished within an hour, and must be accompanied by a margarita flavoured with the spiciest chili in the world. You can’t even go to the bathroom, let alone vomit, before having completed the dish, otherwise the challenge is considered lost.

The challenge is undoubtedly difficult, and so far no one has completed it. But the owners also stress the award: “You won’t just have your name written on the wall. You will have the wall,” they say. According to some, however, the challenge is impossible, and even George Shea, founder of the International Federation of Competitive Eating, said that said no one in the world can eat a 13 kg burrito, even though he stands to be corrected.

The challenge of the burrito can also be tackled by small groups of friends: in this case, however, there are only gadgets as prizes, and the restaurant property prize is not awarded.