A car was filmed stuck in a bizarre vertical position on a Connecticut road during a thunderstorm.

A video was filmed by a witness of the incident, which occurred in the city of West Suffield. He sees a car that seems to be “impaled” in the middle of a road. We hear the author of the video ask himself the cause of what happened, blaming the wind. In fact, the car got caught on some telephone cables after a pole was knocked down by the storm.

upright car

Lisa Beaulieu, who was driving the car, with her children, aged 4 and 5 on board, then told the incident: “We saw the telephone pole falling in front of us. I could not stop in time, and ended up entangled in the wires,” she told reporters.

We were really scared,” she said.¬†“I was afraid that we would fall, that the cable would break, or that it was under tension.”¬†Fortunately, mother and children have been saved and secured.

The photos posted on Facebook by the Suffield fire department make the cause of the car’s position clearer.