Watch: Chameleon – Malta’s entry for this year’s ESC 2019

The wait is finally over! This is Michela Pace with “Chameleon”, the Maltese entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

We have had the chance to listen to the song and what can we say!? Finally!!! Something fresh and quite different than any other Maltese entry so far. No ballad… like many of you thought it would be… didn’t you?

michela pace esc2019

No whining, no lullaby… “Chameleon” is set to up the game for Malta this year with a good pacing beat and what sounds to be like a modern oriental feel. What to say about Michela? Amazing performance and the song suits her perfectly. What a voice! We don’t think we could have asked for better to be honest!

So, what to add? We wish you all the very best Michela! You do not need us to wish you luck, because luck is only needed by the weak…. and boy this song is strong! Yalalala!