WATCH: Chernobyl, the teaser of the TV mini-series on the nuclear disaster

“We are dealing with something that has never occurred before on this planet.” What seems to be the reference to a threat-worthy of a science fiction film is actually contained in the first teaser trailer of the miniseries event co-produced by Hbo and Sky – Chernobyl. 

As we understand from the title, the production will tell the true story of the human and environmental disaster that occurred in April 1986 following the explosion of the number 4 reactor of the nuclear power plant located in Ukraine.

The anticipation clip proceeds in effect with the tones of a horror, between excited images of the accident, desperate people and a sound that acts as an obsessive background, that of instruments for measuring radiation. The narrative voice is that of Jared Harris, who plays Valery Legasov, the real inspector who was in charge of determining the causes of that event. In the cast of the miniseries we also find Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgård and Paul Ritter.

Turned to reality in Lithuania, Chernobyl will investigate the environmental but also psychological consequences of an event that radically changed the concept of nuclear energy in Europe and the world, even if it was mainly the local population and neighboring regions that paid the price. The five episodes that compose it will be broadcast by Hbo in the United States from May 6th and immediately afterwards also on Sky Atlantic.