The death toll of the violent explosion that devastated the chemical plant of Tianjiayi Chemical and the neighboring areas in Yancheng, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu rises to 47 dead. According to the latest data provided by the local authorities, when the rescuers’ efforts are still in progress, there are also 460 injured: 90 of them are in critical condition. The Chinese fire brigade intervened with 86 vehicles.

china explosion
The diffused images show very high flames and a dense cloud rising above the structure, specialised in the production of fertilizers. According to the Chinese authorities, the blast also produced an earthquake of magnitude 2.2. 

Numerous residents in the neighboring districts were transported to the hospital for damage caused by the shock wave of the explosion which, in many cases, shattered the window panes. The episode is the latest in a series of incidents often due to precarious safety regulations: in November, a tank truck containing chemical fuel exploded at the entrance of a chemical plant about 100 kilometers from Beijing, in an area destined to host the Winter Olympic Games of 2022, killing 23 people and wounding 22 others.