For thousands of years, horseshoes have been the “shoe” of horses, but an Austrian company wants to innovate this traditional object by creating the first “sneakers” for horses, the  Megasus Horserunners .

The founder of Megasus, Charly Forstner, previously worked as an animal health inspector, and his experience led him to discover that as many as 50% of the horses that had to be slaughtered suffered from serious hoof and paw problems.

Over the past twenty years, m Forstner has created several protections for plastic clogs, but the real revolution has come with these innovative “sneakers”. Indeed, perhaps it would be to say slippers, because they attach themselves to the hooves in a simple and fast way.

horse runners

The problem with traditional horseshoes is that they are durable, but limit movement, do not absorb shocks, and channel heat towards the inside of the hoof, without counting possible damage due to the nails needed to place the iron on the base.

It is not, in truth, the first “mobile shoe” for horses, but this new idea allows it to adapt to any situation (including wet and muddy grounds), and is particularly light.

horse runners

The first examples of these innovative shoes (which, the inventor says, want to put an end to the “Iron Age”) will be delivered starting from July 2017: after the first experiments, the company launched a campaign of crowfunding that allowed raising funds for the final engineering.