Chelsie Hill – a story that has inspired and moved many. Despite being in a wheelchair, Chelsea has managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer. Not only: today the girl is also a popular dance teacher!

She had dreamed of becoming a dancer since she was 3 years: “Dance was the only thing that interested my daughter”, said the girl’s mother. And dance has actually always been her life. When she was 5, Chelsie won her first competition, and as a teenager she was considered a gifted and extremely promising dancer.

But when she was about to become a professional, the drama… She was in the car with a friend who had had a little too much to drink, and the car ended up off the road hitting a tree. Chelsie survived the serious accident but suffered a serious spinal injury that left her paraplegic.

But Chelsie is a girl with a strong spirit, and when the doctors told her she would never walk again, she replied that she didn’t care about walking, she just wanted to dance.

But during the rehabilitation she became aware of the story of Auti Angel, a former professional dancer who was also a victim of an accident that had left her paralysed, and decided to meet her, and their meeting was explosive.

Auti involved Chelsie in a reality show focused on the history of some dancers who were paralysed following accidents, and this allowed Chelsie to achieve a certain notoriety but also to meet many other girls who, despite being in a wheelchair, wanted to dance.

And so Chelsie decided to start making video tutorials to teach people in wheelchairs how to dance: “There are so many for the able-bodied, why shouldn’t I make one?” From there her fame has grown again, and today she holds numerous workshops and courses in different cities of America. The demonstration that with adequate strength of will, no dream is impossible.