A ‘drunk’ passenger was escorted down the aisle and off a plane when it landed in Portugal after he was verbally abusive during the flight. The man, who was said to have been part of a bachelor party, was seen repeatedly downing what is thought to have been a mixture of vodka and Red Bull before allegedly abusing fellow passengers and the crew.

When the Ryanair flight from Dublin to Faro landed, the passenger was escorted from the jet by Portuguese police on the afternoon of May 2nd. In video footage taken by one of the passenger on the plane, officers from the airport police are seen trying to get the man’s boarding pass and bag, but he seemed unable to understand what was happening.

Ryanair Drunk Passenger 2One officer repeatedly asked him where his bag was and once he located his passport was forcibly taken off the aircraft. He repeatedly asked ‘what is happening’ as his friend tried to help the officer.

During the flight he was allegedly abusive to a hen party on the same flight and began arguing with staff when they tried to get him to sit down.

Deborah Martin, a marketing consultant, who was on board the jet flying from Dublin to Faro for the long weekend said the man continued to down alcohol even after the crew tried to make him to stop.

Ryanair Drunk PassengerShe said: “As soon as we took off they [the stag group] were drinking. They seemed quite drunk before we even got on the plane. I thought it was whisky, but another passenger told me it was vodka and Red Bull. One guy was out of his mind. He was screaming and shouting and being abusive. He was arguing and swearing with another hen party that was on board. He didn’t know his own name, he didn’t understand what was going on when the police arrive, he didn’t know where his boarding pass was, he was comatose. But they had their own stash of drink so he still had a plastic cup in his hand and was downing it in one go. He had about four drinks as we were coming into land. To be fair most of his group were well-behaved and were trying to calm him down and get him to sit down and shut up.”

Many of the other passengers were intimated by the drunken antics and Ms Martin said she feared the plane would be diverted to another airport.

“It really wasn’t a nice experience for anyone else on the plane, it was very intimidating for a lot of passengers, some were clearly frightened. Something really needs to be done to stop people flying again if they keep doing this sort of thing, otherwise it will keep happening.”

Ryanair have not responded despite numerous requests for comment and Portuguese police would not confirm if the man had been arrested.