Everyone knows that Dubai is a rich city, but many know that it is so rich that even beggars can earn a small fortune by begging.

An activity so profitable that people legally enter the United Arab Emirates with a travel visa three months, just to fill their pockets in the streets. Some of these so-called “professional beggars” can earn up to 270,000 Dirhams, or about 60,000 Euro a month. Much more than most people earn in a year!!!!

beggarThe stories of professional beggars who exploit the generosity of the rich citizens of Dubai are known in the country, but despite the best efforts of the local police to eradicate the practice, it is still a widespread phenomenon. If nothing else, the news of beggars who earn huge sums in Dubai thanks to begging have encouraged others to follow suit. Some sources report that there would now be Arab and Asian Andes who bring the beggars to Dubai legally and then take most of their earnings.

Begging in general is illegal in Dubai, and those arrested for begging in Dubai or other cities in the United Arab Emirates risk being imprisoned, but the possibility of earning a small fortune in a few days is apparently too tempting to resist.

It must also be said that here there is no mention of average beggars: they are called “professional beggars” for a reason. First of all, they only appeal to people who seem rich, and tell them a heartbreaking story that their families would often star in, that would sleep on the streets or live in a war-torn region. But what really distinguishes these beggars is the fact that they are not satisfied with the usual 10 or 100 Dirham alms. They ask for considerable amounts, like 1,000 Dirhams (220 Euro) or more, and there are plenty of people who accept.