Shock at Fiumicino. A man tried to kill himself by jumping from the airport terminal. It was only thanks to the cautious but timely intervention of a group of border police officers that the man of Algerian nationality; who yesterday morning threatened to launch himself from the parapet of Terminal 3 of Fiumicino airport, was rescued.

In the video broadcast by the Border Police, in fact, we can clearly see the man in a panic, dressed in dark, leaning over the departure plane, hanging on the balustrade only with his arms and the rest of his body suspended in the vacuum. He was at risk of falling the height of over 6 meters.

For precautionary reasons, a tourist bus is immediately placed, in order to drastically reduce the distance in case of impact. Subsequently a car is approached from which some agents in plain clothes descend. Their intervention is decisive: while one distracts the Algerian, talking to him, two other policemen quickly raise him and put him on the ground. The man in a confused state, was then rescued by an ambulance that left from the airport emergency room and transferred him to the GB Grassi hospital in Ostia