A Miami Air International Boeing 737 ended up off the track in Jacksonville, Florida. The aircraft was a private charter jet from Guantanamo, Cuba, carrying both military and civilians connected in some way to the armed forces.

The aircraft was trying to land in a storm with heavy rain and wind and slipped into the neighboring river, the St. Johns River. The exact dynamics of the incident is not yet clear.


“The plane literally hit the ground and rebounded, it was clear that the pilot had lost control. Then he rose to the right, left and bounced again. It was scary.” a lawyer, Cheryl Bormann, told CNN . “We were in the water. We didn’t understand where, if it was a river or the ocean, and it continued to rain. There were thunder and lightning. Eventually someone arrived and inflated a lifeboat.”

The 143 people on board, including passengers and crew, are all alive, as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has announced, pointing out that the aircraft had ended up underwater (as seen in the photo). The incident occurred around 21.43pm local time, 3.43am on Saturday morning in Malta. The flight had left four hours late. The fire brigade immediately went to the site to rescue the passengers and avoid the loss of excess fuel in the river. Twenty-one people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.