WATCH: Gravity, the anti-stress blanket that could help you sleep

A blanket designed to reduce stress and facilitate sleep: it’s called Gravity. Its creator is the New Yorker John Fiorentino, who presented the project on the crowfunding website ‘Kickstarter ‘.

It is a heavier blanket than usual. In fact, it was designed to represent between seven and twelve percent of body weight. Gravity gives the feeling of … A hug of about 7/11 kg!

gravity official
Image: Kickstarter

While we rest, Fiorentino explained, the blanket distributes pressure over the whole body. This process – through proprioceptive inputs – would help increase serotonin and melatonin levels, reducing anxiety and stress.

Although this kind of blankets is not new, on Kickstarter it is stated that “measurable health benefits are beginning to emerge in scientific studies only recently”.

However, several users have questioned the effectiveness of the object and the quality of the materials used to make Gravity. Its creator therefore wanted to emphasise the experience, talent and reliability of the “team that will manage the production” of the deck.

But doubts and perplexities remain … And there are those who have reiterated the lack of scientific evidence that can demonstrate the power and beneficial effects of the product.