He is 40 years old and he is not a terrorist, but above all he is a person capable of climbing the Eiffel Tower bare-handed: dangling legs, sitting 300 meters high.

For about 7 hours, the mysterious climber spotted on rusty beams of the “Iron Lady”, before being “grabbed” by the rescuers and brought to safety.

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The man seems to have gone up in the elevator around lunchtime to the second floor. Then he surprised the overseers and started towards the iron web and – from the outside, without equipment and with his bare hands – he started to climb towards the third floor as if he had suckers. The alert was given from the outside – someone saw him and warned the police – who got to the scene immediately.

All the esplanade was cleared to allow the maximum freedom of movement for the police and the firemen. A fireman, hoisted himself with ropes and, suspended in the void, spoke with the individual. The reasons for the action remains unknown, journalistic sources in the area spoke of a threat of suicide.

For security reasons, during the intervention of the police the monument was completely evacuated by the many tourists present and the entire neighborhood was cordoned off.