The well-known comedian Remi Gaillard decided to take a spectacular action to raise awareness among his French fellow citizens on the problem of abandoned dogs. He locked himself up in a kennel cage until all 300 dogs found a master, or until he collected at least 50,000 Euro in donations for the kennel.

Gaillard is known for his pranks often over the top (and according to some sometimes too much), but this time he decided to put his sense for the spectacularity at the service of a good cause. Throughout the stay, Galliard ate the same food that is given to the animals in the facility.

Given the comedian’s reputation, many thought that his announcement of the initiative was one of his jokes, doubting that Galliard would actually be caged indefinitely in a kennel. The artist, however, explained that he was very serious about it, and everything was confirmed by a spokesman for the kennel.