Sometimes it happens that as the wedding date approaches we realise that we are not ready for the big step. And it can be difficult to face such a situation, because it is not easy to stop the wedding organisation machine.

The 23-year-old Tucker Blandford, realised he didn’t want to get married, and chose an extreme path. He faked his own death to avoid marriage. When her future wife Alex learned of the deception, her heart was doubly broken.

It destroyed my confidence. I don’t know if I will have other relationships in the future,” says the girl. “All I did was love him. I’m tired of being teased, and I’m glad I got rid of him. Looking back, maybe I was naive, but I really loved him and didn’t think he would ever do such a thing. I cried until I could no longer feel my eyes, but now I’m just really angry.

fiance fakes death

The boy, taking advantage of the fact that he lives in the USA and she in England, called the girl pretending to be his own father, and telling her that he had committed suicide. “He told me that Tucker was depressed and wanted to die, so he threw himself under a car. He said they had tried to put Tucker in care, but they hadn’t made it in time. It was devastating,”┬ásays the girl.

Naturally shocked, Alex immediately called the boy’s mother, but found herself in front of an even more shocking surprise. The woman knew nothing of that story, and could guarantee that Tucker was very healthy. At that point the girl thought about the call and acknowledged that the voice was that of her boyfriend.

Tucker and Alex had met when the girl had a year of studying in the US, and they had fallen in love. The boy had asked the girl to marry him just before she returned home, but apparently it seems he then regretted the proposal and did not know how to “retract”, and then he started lying…