A terrifying video taken by some CCTV cameras has captured the images of one of the Sri Lankan suicide bombers, while before blowing himself up… he comes across a man with a little girl and the bomber caresses the head of a little girl walking with her uncle.

The terrorist of the attack, later claimed by ISIS, was resumed as he walked to the Church of San Sebastiano .

In the images, he wore the backpack which contained the crudely packaged device which was then blown up causing the death of at least 110 people, according to the Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith, who called it the most deadly attack of all series of explosions in which 310 people lost their lives and 500 were injured.

cctv sri lanka

The news agency ISIS Amaq published a picture on Twitter in which he shows the seven terrorists who are: Abu Ubayda, Abu al-Mukhtar, Abu Khalil, Abu Hamza, Abu al-barā’a, Abu Muhammad and Abu Abdullah. In the photo, they are standing in front of the flag of the caliphate wearing black robes, masks on the face and carrying knives.

Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene told Parliament that the first investigations have revealed that the explosions were a retaliation against the attack on the Christchurch Muslims. Last March 15th, Brenton Tarrant with a chilling live Facebook had massacred 50 people in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch.

The identity of the child who was caressed by the bomber before being blown up was also found, it is the granddaughter of Fernando Dilip who remembered the episode well by telling the press that he had met the bomber while he was letting out his niece before end of mass.

Some controversies have been mounting in the last hours on the National Thwheed Jamaalth that just ten days earlier had been informed of the possibility of the attack without however giving the alarm or taking precautions. Three children of the millionaire owner of ASOS, one of the most famous clothing sites in the world, died in the attack.

Likewise, it seems that even two children of a very rich spice merchant played a key role in the attack by blowing themselves up while they were lined up with dozens of people for Easter breakfast in the Shangri-La and Cinnamomo Grand hotels.