A brawl with a head and fist between a foreign tourist and a gondolier who rebuked him because he had climbed on a gondola to take a selfie with his family.

The scene, portrayed in the area of ​​the Mercerie between Rialto and Piazza San Marco, was widespread for about a week on social networks and taken from local news sites.

In the short movie you see the tourist, wearing a blue polo shirt, at first animatedly discussing with the gondolier, dressed in the classic striped t-shirt and straw cap, then moving on to the streets in fact trimming a head and then punching him in the face.

The gondolier does not react and continues to argue, but voices and shouts are heard in a foreign language. The film is then “cut”, and another scuffle can be glimpsed, probably among the same people, a little further away, under a portico. At the origin of the dispute, probably a dispute over the price of a gondola ride, or a reproach for a “selfie” in an area forbidden to the public.